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Finals stage at National Poetry Slam

Posted by on Sep 24 2011, in NPS, providence poetry, slam

This is a super late update, for sure, but I’m proud and humbled to say that my team, Providence Poetry Slam, made it all the way to finals at the 2011 National Poetry Slam in Boston/Cambridge, placing 3rd overall out of 72 teams. I could not have been more honored to rep little Providence on the big stage. And no better crew to do it with than the incomparable Megan Thoma, Phil Kaye, Jamila Woods, Laura Brown-Lavoie, and Fatimah Asghar.

Peep the shoutout I got in the Huffington Post here!

We had a crazy NPS, mostly due to a semis bout that was first interrupted by a fire alarm, turned into a silent-applause slam because of the Y’s quiet hours, and finally had to get rescheduled to the morning of finals because of a poet’s medical emergency. We were at NUPIC (the underground indie slam) until 4 in the morning that night supporting Laura, woke up the next morning to a voicemail saying our re-do bout was in an hour, won our semi bout, and then had just enough time to grab some burgers before hauling ass over to finals. Needless to say, we were smelly and exhausted but pretty satisfied when the dust settled.

The second most awesome thing to happen at NPS was that Phil and I won the Nerd Slam with a Pokemon-themed parody of Kanye West’s “Monster” (entitled “I’m a Mutha-Pocket Monster”). I’ve never been so incredibly proud to hear a group of people chant “NERD. NERD. NERD” at me.