Franny Choi

Opening for Andrea Gibson

Posted by on Oct 11 2011, in Uncategorized

I had the amazing opportunity to open for Andrea Gibson this past weekend at her show at RISD. She’s one of the best in the business and a truly inspiring poet and activist. Fellow WORD! members Zainab Syed and Zach Ballard (who was also my teammate on the Brown University CUPSI Team this past year) also opened.

It was a pretty hectic week for performance, with the Providence Slam Team feature at AS220 and my feature in the PoetrySPEAKS Showcase at Rhode Island College. It’s always really lovely to perform here in Providence– what a great scene.

Much love also to Alex Charalambides and the rest of the Dirty Gerund crew for hosting me at their open mic in Worchester a few weekends ago.

Up ahead: possible shows at Hampshire College (maybemaybemaybe) and Wash U, and an upcoming article in CHAOS Magazine!