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North Beast 2011!

Posted by on Nov 19 2011, in Uncategorized

Had an awesome (though coughy and sore-throaty) time at the 2011 North Beast Regional Slam, hosted by the Poet’s Asylum in weird-in-a-New-England-kinda-way Worcestor, Mass. Megan Thoma, Laura Brown-Lavoie, and I schlumped up from Providence to Worcestor, where Nick Davis hopped on our team (and helped Meg perform the most amazing zombie breakup poem probably ever). I advanced to rep the 401 the next day and ended up taking second. Congrats to Matt Gallant for being North Beast Champ! Had fun kickin it with my fellow Northbeasterners.

Also had a blast at my show at Roots Cafe in PVD two nights ago with Ryk McIntyre! Great open mic, great crowd, and playing tag-team with Ryk is possibly my new favorite game (Drunk Clue being a close second).

In other news, I got a chance to perform for my good friend and fellow WORD! alum  Sarah Kay‘s 9th grade English class at Classical High School. And PrYSM has just started bringing in a poetry workshop led by my friend Jess Chen for Poetry in Service to the Community (which is incidentally among the best classes I took at Brown because Rick Benjamin is magical, like on some Hogwarts-type sh*t).

Looking forward to hitting Hampshire College tomorrow with absolute beasts Jared Paul and Laura Yes Yes.

And then of course, PrYSM is celebrating seaQuel Thanksgiving this Sunday! Food! Drag! Community Lovin! It’s gonna be ridiculous. I can’t wait. (5:30 pm at 669 Elmwood Ave, Suite B-10, Providence. DO IT.)