Franny Choi

I’m going to WoWPS!

Posted by on Feb 04 2012, in Uncategorized

I’m very proud and humbled to say I’ll be representing Providence again at the Women of the World Poetry Slam in Denver next month. Last year’s competition was amazing, and I can’t wait to dive back into the insane lady love fest that is WoWPS. The qualifying slam at AS220 was a ton of fun, with a fantastic showcase that included my friends Nicole Parrish and the incomparable Laura Brown-Lavoie. I slammed with three of the fiercest ladypoets in the PVD: Megan Thoma, Cassie Clarke, and Astrid Drew. Megan and I hilariously TIED (like what, when does that ever happen) and had to go into a sudden death round, or at least I think that’s the right phrase. I never really understood what that expression meant when applied to poetry. WHATEVA.

Coming up: A feature at Got Poetry Live on the 28th, and a show at Brandeis in March (date TBA).