Franny Choi

WoWPS 2012!

Posted by on Mar 13 2012, in Uncategorized

Still coming down after an amazing, amazing week(end). Highlights include:

  • Reading “Pussy Monster” (which ends with the word “pussy” read 40 times in succession) on finals stage as the sac.
  • Meeting some of the most incredible female gurus in the community (including but not limited to Marty McConnell, Mindy Nettifee, & Lauren Zuniga) for the first time.
  • Rachel McKibbens and Gypsee Yo going out with a hell of a bang at my second prelim bout, saying eff you to the scores, speaking their unapologetic truths, and preaching love. Also the incredible support I felt from these legendaries.
  • Sonya Renee’s RUHCUS workshop, which tore my heart apart and gave me a glimpse of my nucleus, if only for a moment.
  • Sharing a room with Jamila Woods and Megan Thoma. Collectively freaking out // conveniently blaming our woes on altitude sickness. Also seeing Jam kill it in her first prelim.
  • Sara Brickman & Tatayana Brown are full of love and light and happy things. Sara’s opening poem.
  • Megan Falley, Miles Walser, and Misian Taylor keeping me grounded all week.
  • Rachel sneaking a banana phone when no one was looking.
  • Dancing old-school with Jamila, Tova Charles, Theresa Davis, Amy Everheart, and… who else? Oh, I can’t even remember. (Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-altitude.)
  • The Portland squad! Ba-boom!
  • Every single powerhouse of a woman on finals stage: Joanna Hoffman, Kait Rokowski, Dominique Ashaheed, Lauren Zuniga, Melissa May, DeAnn Emett, Porsha O, Krista Mosca, Olivia Gatwood, Kay Krown, Miss Haze, and Whitney Greenway. Each poet took my breath away and gave me 100% goosebump bliss.
  • Tittler, tittler, tittler!
  • Magic realism with Rachel. “Your language is lawless.” “Don’t let the white male Western eye tell you what’s real. This is the only language that lets us say what happened.” She kills me, and I am resurrected a better poet.
  • Sitting with Gypsee and Lacey on the train, listening to Gypsee talk about fighting for WoWPS in its first year, and fighting for it ever since.
  • Karen G’s presence, in general. Also the presence of all the ATL folks: Theresa, Gypsee, Haze, Gabe.
  • Being surrounded by women, and true lovers of women, in probably the most gender-friendly space I’ve ever been in.
  • Getting to read the work I love and feel proudest of, and sometimes being rewarded for it. Feels good, man. Feels good.