Franny Choi

1/30: Listen Children

Posted by on Apr 01 2013, in Uncategorized

Aaaaaall right. Here goes my attempt at doing a 30/30 during what’s going to be a stupid-busy month. We’ll see how far I get. (Sorry, no disclaimers. Oh, except that this blog is a non-commercial, personal journal to be used for educational or research purposes only. “Fair use” is claimed under U.S. copyright law, sections 107 and 108. No commercial use is permitted without the consent of the copyright holder.)


Listen Children
after Lucille Clifton
keep this hidden where flashlights latex
gloves will not go . beneath the last layer
beneath sidewalk camera whistles beneath
tongue clamps beneath laugh tracks : we
have never been foreign to our selves .
strange perhaps illogical unreliable story
tellers yes but never foreign . never extra
terrestrial never not earth . we have
only been moons angler fish shadows
even but always in the first person
singular ( / plural ) always first in line
to our own truth . always our own sun
orbiting our own hearts first no matter
whose ships stumbled into the dance . we
a million flashlights cameras tongues
to burn burn burn the sky our selves .