Franny Choi

2/30: Reasons It’s Important to Rest

Posted by on Apr 03 2013, in Uncategorized

Some mornings I wake up to half-dreamt
train cars running amuck between my ears
screaming me to work. Lopsided engines
scattering chug. Rats. Fleeing the corners
of my consciousness. Go dog Go dog Go.

Leaf. Leaf. Haul seed back to hive. Feed
worms. Tick tick on their translucent wails.
Ward off hunter. Pass food, a utilitarian
kiss. Cross examine. Dig tunnel. Border
patrol. Haul green back to breathe.

The world will never stop being urgent.
High tide at rush hour. There are
strict minima to keep sprinting. Movement
constant. Dishes crashing everywhere. Viruses
to feed. Obsessed with cancer. Battlefronts.

What joy is a half-baked dream? What lark
is a broken camera? What fault in the unborn
astronaut? What never in the sky undoven? Blue
prints buried in the attic dumpster? Why
cross the river if not history?

Point A and Point B walk into a bar.
B downs ten shots of whiskey and dies prompt
and proud. A sweeps the floor and whistles
until. Becomes owner of whole town’s secrets
but never learns how not to live.

The secret to dying is to breathe unconditionally.
I stretch out my hide to catch all the trees
in the world. Let each limb become its own
fairy tale. Come, sun. Lather yourself against
my eyelids. I’ll hold all your terrific ugly.