Franny Choi

3/30: Offerings

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Found poem from the Providence Poetry Slam open mic, April 4th, 2013

Remember watching the towers,
blue memories, old bench. Now
your absence is circling my feet.
The years haven’t left my body.
Hoping there is enough me left
to blossom, fistfuls of yes til the
ink runs dry– if only the dregs
of anger. I am a wind of asphalt
left fighting all the wrong wars.
Quick to dispute flesh. I grave-
rob tragedy. Caption my petty
crimes as a throne. But solitude
is a charitable toxin. Breath: a
maddening peace. So I listen
as all my casualties are lassoed
around my inhale. They owe me
nothing. But how loud: to love
like steel on steel on bone.