Franny Choi


Posted by on Apr 10 2013, in Uncategorized

outlines of branches at dusk . the shush of sand
beneath wheels . blinking constellation of city

dusk at spring familiar . always-known . brings me
to the memory of a day . a story then too . you know

who you look like? i must have dreamt his face once
our passing always on the tip of my tongue . like salt

sharp & distant . i swear someone’s slipped me
the end of this story before . how to cook breakfast

spoon it into each other’s palms . a script clear
as rooftops set alight by a sun’s dying roar

bone-knowledge . the shapes of cheekbones & where
to rest my mouth . heavy in my spine as soil

i blinked alive always-knowing how to love this way
old magic love . solid as a city’s silhouette


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