Franny Choi

10/30: Spring Cleaning

Posted by on Apr 12 2013, in Uncategorized

the new grocery sells real cheese. edging out the plastic bodega substitute. the fruit truck still sets up its boxes of plantains down the block from plates of steaming mussels and bloody marys, tiptoe tourists. ooh, new land. artists march down the street, congratulate themselves on keeping it real. dog leash to the new deli. bringing culture to the west end. cop on speed dial. neighborhood cleanups catch a few live ones. finally some good pastrami around these parts. flashing blue through the window. radio crooning orders. flowers arranged. rubber on tar. skin on steel. an army of macbook pros. say west end like a badge while the folks on the other side of cranston street shake their heads. on the street corner, interrogation lamps burning eyelids. silent battlefront that new settlers keep in back-pocket boxes. sweeping the foyer. out with the old.