Franny Choi

13/30: flower boys

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in between songs on the radio, all four engines in the car
pause to laugh at the flowers, all their flambuoyant joy.
buzz fiercely over one another to drive out the murky
underbelly of everyone’s insecurities, blossomed into
jokes. the pleasure of friction, of throwing each other’s
manhood under the wheels. of grinding the nectar into
powder to make everyone sneeze out their fears.

at thanksgiving: a fat red-eyed bulldog named princess
drools in the corner while family friends toss doubt
about someone’s love interest. something funny about
him. everyone accepts this as indecent, the flowers
with their stamens winking in the breeze. they all
up end choosing a side. carving the flesh with their
teeth, hyenas cackling over something rotting.

in the auditorium, a drone of laughter erupts at the
backhanded beheading of the lilies. i sit, squirming,
praying the thousand searchlights won’t catch me
with my mouth full of honeysuckles. or praying
they will– that is, praying i’ll have the strength to be
a venus fly trap, act sweet and sticky to lure their
pollen before i swallow all their jokes whole.

see: flower boys of south korea


  • casius0

    I just realised you publish with name &zooey.
    a reference to that Salinger book. franny and zooey. that’s pretty neat.

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