Franny Choi

Mid-Atlantic Mini-Tour!

Posted by on Sep 28 2013, in Uncategorized

Today was the first day of my mini-tour of Philly and DC! I headed down to Philly for my first stop, a feature at The Fuze: Philadelphia Poetry Slam. Highlights of the bus ride included my new inflatable travel pillows (no one else seems to be as excited as I am about these) and scarfing down super sloppy homemade California rolls while squeezed between two dudes. (Lowlights included having to pay $20 for a new ticket after I missed my bus from NYC, but f*ck the lowlights [and f*ck Greyhound].)

Big ups to the folks at the slam tonight. The open mic and slam were fantastic. The more of these shows I do, the harder I believe in small poetry communities. It’s pretty wild how you can go to so many different venues across the country and find the same love in every place. People with feelings and ideas coming together once a week to listen to each other talk? Instead of tweeting or Facebooking or Instagramming each other? That’s so beautiful I can’t even stand it. So beautiful it doesn’t even matter what the “quality” of poems is like.

Next stop is DC, where I’ll be a guest performer at Kollaboration DC. Can’t wait to kick it with some talented-ass APIAs.

Let’s all agree we won’t be too disappointed if I fall off updating this blog this week. But also agree that we’ll congratulate me if I do. Cool? Cool.