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Mid-Atlantic Tour Recap!

Posted by on Oct 17 2013, in Uncategorized

Ok, so updating this blog while on tour didn’t work out quite so well as I hoped. So here’s a recap:


I had a blast at Kollaboration DC, where I was a guest performer along with last year’s winner, G Yamazawa. Though all the red carpet pizzazz was a little too glam for my octopussy (heh heh) tendencies, it was great to see so much APIA talent in one room. Kudos to winner Dave Yoon who basically broke everyone’s hearts into tiny pieces. (Koreans, man. Gotta love em.) It felt particularly profound to perform “POPgoesKOREA” in a room where so many people had had close interactions with the Kpop system. It was ten times scarier to critique that system, but damn it felt good for people to come up to me afterwards and say, “You’re right. I was there.” Shuddertown!

A few nights later, I got to share the stage with some stellar-ass DC poets, including Pages Matam, Sarah Lawson, G (again), Adele Hampton, and Drew Law at a fundraiser show to help send Pages to IWPS. What a beautiful man. So many bowties. So many poems.

franni3Then I featured at two Busboys & Poets venues. Hot damn! DC might be the only city in the U.S. with a truly sustainable spoken word poetry circuit. And it’s all due to one entrepreneur dude who happens to love poetry. There are like a billion venues that sell out every night of the week. What the f? I mean I know the revolution will not be funded but… it’s hard out here, yall. And better that that money goes to poetry than some other stuff, right? I don’t know. Late night questions for me and the ceiling fan to work out.

Anyway, then it was back up to Philly for a workshop at the Asian Arts Institute, where I got to hang with a bunch of awesome middle schoolers. What a dope org. Thank goodness for games like one-word story and watermelon. I forgot how much middle schoolers need to blow off steam after school. In case you don’t know, it’s a LOT.

That night, I featured at The Pigeon, which is definitely one of the most live, packed shows in the country, I think. I love seeing a room of people who are excited about hearing poems. And a host who says “I will boo you if you get up here and say some racist, homophobic, sexist, ableist, or classist shit.” Respect x 100000000000.

Oh, and then Kiss Punch Poem. Hell yeah. Jared Singer makes my heart come alive. Olivia Gatwood and Thomas Fucaloro made everything perfect. And improv (good improv) is so damn impressive it makes me cry. ATTENTION POETS: THIS IS A FUN THING TO DO. YOU SHOULD DO IT.

NEXT UP: West Coast Tour! See dates here!