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Floating, Brilliant, Gone :: Book Release & Party!

Posted by on Mar 24 2014, in Floating Brilliant Gone


Book, world. World, book.

Floating, Brilliant, Gone is officially released on Write Bloody Publishing today! I would use childbirth metaphors to describe how I feel about this, but I can’t pretend to know what that’s like  (a friend of mine used the term “pooping a watermelon,” which is terrifying and not necessarily the image I want to evoke when talking about my book).

You can buy the thing on Amazon and Powell’s. (For some reason, Amazon’s listing a weird future release date, but fear not — your book should still ship!)

If you’re in the Providence/Boston area, you can snag a copy at my Book Release Party on Saturday, April 5th at The Salon (57 Eddy St.). We’ll have Korean food, opening acts by some wonderful poet-friends, a reading from the book, prints by Jess X. Chen for sale, fun lil activities, and a book signing. And stick around afterward for a dance party! Buy tickets here!