Franny Choi

New curriculum up!

Posted by on Sep 21 2015, in education

Have you ever noticed the tiny note in the back of Floating, Brilliant, Gone that says that you can find lesson plans and curricula at Well, today, after a year and a half-long “coming soon” sign, that note is finally true!

A NEW SPECIES OF BEAUTIFUL: A Five-Workshop Curriculum on Identity & Self-Examination is now live!

Designed for students age 16-20, this free curriculum includes discussion questions and writing prompts for five poems from Floating, Brilliant, Gone: “The Hindsight Octopus,” “Chinky,” “The Mirror,” “To the Man Who Shouted ‘I Like Pork Fried Rice’ at Me on the Street,” and “Metamorphosis.”  The curriculum has a dual purpose: 1) to teach students to craft beautiful, meaningful poems; and 2) to lead students to engage critically with identity and power.

Feel free to modify, use, and share for educational purposes! More resources for educators are — seriously this time — coming soon!