Franny Choi

“Field Trip to the Museum of Human History” on PBS News Hour

Posted by on Dec 08 2015, in poems

FC - photo by Reginald Eldridge

In case you missed it: he wonderful Corinne Segal interviewed me and spotlighted my poem, “Field Trip to the Museum of Humam History,” for PBS News Hour. What strange times.

Corinne has also been holding down that space for POC, QT*, and immigrant poets, so check out some of the other features, including my collective mates Fatimah Asghar and Danez Smith.

This poem is 100% for my Providence movement family, most of all for PrYSM. I understand that not everyone will agree with the vision of this poem. Many people have called me a “naive girl” for writing it. Abolition is a more complex and much more vast project than this one poem can capture. My hope is only to give people who are already fighting every day (in concrete and loving ways) for liberation from police violence a brief glimpse into another world. For more information about what abolition might look like, check out this quick read in The Nation or Ursula K. LeGuin’s novel The Dispossessed.