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New poems in Pinwheel and BOAAT

Posted by on Mar 02 2017, in poems, publications, Uncategorized

New poems!

First, a crown of sonnets about Chatroulette (remember Chatroulette??) in BOAAT alongside a whole cast of stunners, compiled by the wonder sam sax, who recently became the journal’s Poetry Editor (good for them, good for the world.)

And: four poems (“Acknowledgments,” “Selected Silences,” “Rhetoracle,” and “Physical Therapy”) in the latest issue of Pinwheel, alongside a lot of really exciting work that I’m still excitedly digging through.

“Selected Silences” will (according to this very exciting galley proof!) be in my chapbook, which is coming out on Sibling Rivalry Press this fall.

“Rhetoracle” is in the voice of Tay, a Twitter chatbot created by Microsoft, who became bizarrely racist in about 24 hours. CW for racist language in the epigraph of that poem.