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Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship Finalist

Posted by on Aug 25 2014

I’m so thrilled/humbled/proud/sweptoffmyfeet/slightlynauseousatthethoughtofit to announce that I’m a finalist for the Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship. From the Poetry Foundation’s website:

Five Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowships in the amount of $25,800 each (previously $15,000), will be awarded to young poets through a national competition sponsored by the Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine. Established in 1989 by the Indianapolis philanthropist Ruth Lilly, the fellowships are intended to encourage the further study and writing of poetry.

See the list of 31 finalists here. I’m proud to say the list of finalists includes two other members of Dark Noise, Danez Smith and Nate Marshall, as well as friends Ocean Vuong and Joshua Bennett. I’m so lucky to have these gorgeous minds in my life.

“P***** Monster” on Huffington Post

Posted by on Aug 25 2014

Def not safe for work. Or kiddies. But the Huffington Post wrote up a lil thing about my poem, “Pussy Monster” and posted Button Poetry’s video of me performing the poem at the Loft.

“The poem starts out as a celebration of phonetics, syllables clicking against one another, but quickly becomes something a little bit more… repetitive. Which, if nothing else, demonstrates what deconstruction is really good at.”

“Pussy Monster” was originally published in PANK and included in Floating, Brilliant, Gone.

Booking for Fall 2014

Posted by on May 22 2014

Now booking for Fall 2014!

If you want to bring Franny to your college, university, poetry slam venue, bookstore, community center, or youth organization, please send an email to!

To bring Franny to your K-12 school, please get in touch through the Project VOICE website,! And definitely check out the new site for lots of information about what Project VOICE does.

The Rumpus, Feministing, and Courage Anthology!

Posted by on May 02 2014

Greetings from Madison, at the tail end of the Midwest portion of my book tour! It’s been an awesome few weeks in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Madison. I had a blast at Arcadia Books in Spring Green, WI last night and am stoked to feature at First Wave’s Just Bust Open Mic tonight!

Some updates:

The Rumpus: I had an essay published in The Rumpus, as part of their recurring “Where I Write” segment, which features writers talking about their creative processes. I drew a slightly-janky illustration to accompany my piece. Read the essay, “The Wild Pendulum,” here!

Feministing: My poem, “To the Man Who Shouted, ‘I Like Pork Fried Rice’ at Me on the Street,” was featured on Feministing a little while back. This blog makes me filled with productive feminist rage (i.e., happy), and I’m honored that my work was highlighted.

The Courage Anthology: This beautiful poetry anthology for teenage girls, edited by Karen Finneyfrock, Rachel McKibbens, and Mindy Netifee, just dropped yesterday! I have two poems included in the collection. The Courage Anthology: Daring Poems for Gutsy Girls also includes work by Patricia Smith, Sarah Kay, Fatimah Asghar, Jamila Woods, Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Aracelis Girmay, Andrea Gibson, Sonya Renee Taylor, and so many more amazing female-bodied poets.

Article in the Providence Phoenix

Posted by on Apr 03 2014

If you’re in Providence, you can pick up a copy of today’s Phoenix to see a silly photo of my face and read an article & interview. If you’re not in the best little city in New England, first of all, I’m sorry — that’s a bummer. Second, you can read the article here: “Meet Franny Choi, Your New Favorite Poet.”

Also, my book release party is in just two days! See you this Saturday at 6pm at the Salon! Opening acts include Aaron Samuels, Fatimah Asghar, Muggs Fogarty, and Jess X. Chen. Hosted by Laura Brown-Lavoie! Buy tickets here!


Floating, Brilliant, Gone :: Book Release & Party!

Posted by on Mar 24 2014

Book, world. World, book.

Floating, Brilliant, Gone is officially released on Write Bloody Publishing today! I would use childbirth metaphors to describe how I feel about this, but I can’t pretend to know what that’s like  (a friend of mine used the term “pooping a watermelon,” which is terrifying and not necessarily the image I want to evoke when talking about my book).

You can buy the thing on Amazon and Powell’s. (For some reason, Amazon’s listing a weird future release date, but fear not — your book should still ship!)

If you’re in the Providence/Boston area, you can snag a copy at my Book Release Party on Saturday, April 5th at The Salon (57 Eddy St.). We’ll have Korean food, opening acts by some wonderful poet-friends, a reading from the book, prints by Jess X. Chen for sale, fun lil activities, and a book signing. And stick around afterward for a dance party! Buy tickets here!